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Caleb's Kennel
I have always been an outdoorsman trapping since I was 10 years old, hunting, fishing and exploring Wyoming. Living in Wyoming has blessed me with the ability to continue those pursuits. 
I started with hounds about 32 years ago. I raised and hunted them for 15 years. I loved my hounds but wanted a more versatile breed. I began researching to find a breed that was rugged, agile, and nosey with smarts. I wanted a dog that put my commands above his nose and instincts.  
I found OMCBA and Kemmer Cur - I figured I'd start with one of each breeding line. I bought a male OMBCA, Jake, from Carl Smith in Tenn. and a female, Lizzy, from Robert Kemmer in Tenn. Jake and Lizzy came to us and I was amazed at the ease with which they trained. They paid attention to my respones to their behaviors and would behave accordingly to what was given a positive response. I had never seen a hound give a flip about my wishes! We began to breed Lizzy and Jake. The pups were outstanding. I still hear from some of the owners. My current breeding is of OMCBA lines. I can not express how pleased I am with this breed. I found what i was looking for...
How did Caleb's Kennel come about?