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Pup Availability

   Our next pups are out of Bella and Lil Jake and expect those pups to be on the ground around the end of April. Bella and Lil Jake throw excellant pups that are early starters. All reports on past pups are fearless, great nose, smart/learn fast, tracking and treeing around 5 months. A second litter from Smoke and Lil Jake should be on the ground the first week of May. These should be excellent for coyote work. Extra gamey, fast starters, obediant, a little smaller in size for all day hard work. They will also track and tree with the best. The next litter will be out of Daisy/Mick. Daisy is super smart and solid tree dog. Mick is my best cat dog with a strong nose and solid at the tree. This pair are just a pleasure to be around. These pups will be a little better at running cats. They will be here the first week of May. If you wish to reserve one out of these or any future litter let us know as they are already going fast. Let us know what your primary hunting purpose is and we will try and match a pup to your needs. Call or email to reserve yours. We don't require deposits. We believe a person is only as good as his word. So giving yours is all we need. When we  give ours to you, we will do everything humanly possible to get you your pup in the order of commitment.