The Best Out West
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Caleb's Kennel
                              Welcome to Caleb's Kennel                                       We started breeding this great line of OMCBA Mountain   Cur 13 years ago after hunting with hounds for 15 years. Curs are just a better fit for our family. Curs are easier to take backpacking, camping, fishing, trapping, etc.
We breed to not only to improve the breed but improve it for our western game such as Dogging Coyotes or Lions/Bobcats. All are very versatile, but our intention in our breeding is to try and be a little more speacialized.  Our pups are 100% guarenteed, pup cost refunded upon healthy return.
    Male pups are available and ready to pickup late                November. More info on pup page!!

Caleb's Mick
Mick is 'out of' World Champion Mighty Mick. He is a excellent lion dog. He gets out and gone working a track with a strong nose and trees hard. Mick is full of grit and is just a pleasure to be around with his easy going disposition.
Caleb's Elsa
Elsa is 'out of' Nite Champion Thundersport Cain. She tracks fast and trees with energy. Elsa does great in the country, she loves kids and playing chase. If we have one name for Elsa it's vigorous. 
Caleb's Daisy & Smoke
These two littermates are out of Caleb's Jake, pictured to the left and below with rock holed Lion. Jake (Hall of Fame Mountain Jackson direct) was MY dog for ten years and did everything with excellence, vigor, and a ton of smart. Smoke and Daisy tracked and treed their first time out after just turning a year old! 
I am very excited for the future as these two. They get it done. Daisy on tree Smoke on ground.
Caleb's Big Red
Big Red is a littermate to Mick.  Red is a solid tree dog. He is tough as nails and very protective. He runs a solid track and if something is caught on the ground he maintains control. On right in tree.
Caleb's Lil Jake
Lil Jake is my high energy guy that is very smart, and easy to handle. He tracks fast with a lot of energy at the tree. 
Caleb's Big Red